Tuesday, 5 December 2017

11 B Risks and adventure

Final speaking exam Question # 4 reads

4) A and B discuss being adventurous and risk-taking (p163)

How can we make this a conversation?

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Writing final exam notes

The final exam will consist of some matching questions, questions and answers, sentence completion, one sentence answers and paragraph answer questions.

Speaking final exam!!!

More details will appear here and could change until Dec 6.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Unit 12: writing about movies

I like ___1_____ movies. My favourite ____1___ movie is _____2________.
1 kind of movie: fantasy, western, ...
2 name: Lord of the rings, Oasis, Wonderful days...

The best part of the movie is the _______3_____.
3 plot, acting, actors, setting/ locations,
special effects (CGI, Practical)

The worst part of the movie is _____________3______ but that isn't too bad.

The plot is ___________________________________________

LOTR: Four hobbits leave their village to visit an elf town. There they join a group of adventurers; humans, a wizard, a dwarf and an elf, and together try to destroy a magic ring.
 Past or Present tense are common. Describe the first half of the movie but don't give spoilers.

We need more detail than: The good guy joins a spy organization and fights an villain trying to take over the world. This movie could be Kingsman, James Bond, Mission Impossible, Fast and Furious, ... 
Eggsie joins a secret spy organization and learn how to use secret gadgets and weapons. Then he fights a villain trying to kill people with free phones.

12: movies and love-hate

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

11A,B: conversation, risk, so & because

A complimentary conversation

A: I really like your ____________.
B: Thanks. What do you like about _____.
A: Well, ____________________________
B: That's so kind of you. Thats a ___________________.
A: I'm blushing.
B: Yeah, because, ___________________.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Homework # 5: Talent or acheivement

Homework #5: Talent (Score 3%)

Speaking: What fictional talent do you have Or what fictional great achievement have you managed?
Speak for 90 seconds, 1~4 images, No script- 10 keywords okay. Use some body language.

Brian's example:

Before I taught at JBU, my greatest achievement was in diving to the bottom of the ocean and teaching english to underwater aliens.

Images from Photofunia.

Writing: Write 5-10 sentences about a fictional talent you have or a fictional achievement you have managed.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Unit 10 B speaking and conversation notes

Conversation featuring details from p149 and 152

A: Hey, ______. What's the matter?
B: Oh, I ___________
A: That's too bad. Why?
B: ________________________
A: Well, I have an idea. When I ___________
B: Good idea.

Audio Relay

Relay rules:
In teams listen to audio and write down the sentences you hear.

  • Only one person at a time in your team can go outside the classroom.
  • You cannot bring paper or phone outside.
  • Only try to remember the words.
  • Keep switching teammates until you have the full three sentences written.

____  ____  ____  ____,  ____ ____  ____  ____.(8)
____  ____  ____  ____  ____  ____  _____, ____  ____  ____.(9)
____  ____  ____  ____  ____,  ____ ____  ____  ____  ____.(10)


photos from class

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Wednesday grades to today

Homework and exam scores to today

The end is near!

November 1-7: Unit 10A
November 8-14: Unit 10B
November 15-21 Homework #4 & Unit 11A
November 22-28, Unit 11B
Nov 29-Dec 6: Homework #5 & Unit 12. A  No Unit 12B
Dec 6-12: Review
Dec 11,12 are Make up classes (보강). No class Dec 13,14
Dec 18-22: Final Exams and Crying!

Speaking classes: I need a form for every presentation you did.
Forms can be very simple - Homework title, Homework number (1,2 or 3), Your name, student number, your class number and a space for your grade.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Writing midterm Oct. 25-31

The midterm will consist of some matching questions, questions and answers, one sentence answers and paragraph answer questions.

Examples below

Monday, 9 October 2017

Speaking midterm, October 25-31

With a partner - you choose partner - have three of the following conversations - Brian chooses conversations

1) In this neighborhood, where is the ____? How do I get there? Brian provides map. (based on p97 and 99)   ~2 lines each.
A: Follow these directions.
________. Where are you?
B: Follow these directions.
______. Where are you?

2) A: Give two invitations.  B: 1) no, 2) yes - when, where? (based on p113) ~5-7 lines each

3) A: Ask about exercise. B: talk about exercise (based on p111) ~5-7 lines each

4) A: Describe a personality using frequency phrases. B: Name the personality (based on p116, 120)  ~2 lines each.

5) A: ask to borrow something. B: NO, but..... (based on p127) ~5-7 lines each

6) A & B: talk about plans for the future (p128, 130, 134)  Comment on same and different plans.
~5-7 lines each

Unit 9a, Speaking and writing

Remember homework due next week - presentation or essay on habits.

Midterm Exam October 25-31.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

8b: I am .....

.images below

Tues Sept 26 presentation subjects

presentation topics for Tuesday

Monday Sept 25 homework topics

Topics for Monday below

Writing and speaking homework #3: Habits. Due Oct 18-24

Note: No classes all next week! Oct 2~6, no classes for Chuseok.
Note: No classes Oct 9!
Note No classes Oct 17!
Oct 10-16, we will start unit 9.
Oct 18~ homework #3 is due.
Oct 25~31: Midterm Exams!!
habits homework

Think about your own habits, good and bad. What should you change?

Speaking: Solo presentation 1:15~1:45 in length
Tell us about a good habit you have or are trying to have. How does it affect your life/ or How can it affect your life? Use at least one image or slide, up to a maximum of 4 slides.

Writing: Write about a good habit you have or are trying to have. How does it affect your life/ or How can it affect your life?

This homework will be taped to the wall of our classroom and you must comment on three other homework pages. This means you must write in a large font (This size is good. So is this!) and leave space for others to add their comments.

Speaking example:

Hello everyone. I found I was sitting at my computer desk too long and eating too many snacks.

Once I got a dog, things improved greatly. I now spend an hour a day - and sometimes more - walking my dog. The walking is good exercise but there are more benefits.
An hour of walking means an hour away from the fridge. An hour out of my computer chair. So it stops me from snacking too much.
I need to walk the dog before I come to university so I always get up early. This bit of organization is good for me. I wake up early everyday so I can walk her.
I don't think I have much stress, but petting and playing with a dog is good for relieving stress.
Thank you.
Writing example
Brian Dean, 
Student # 00000
Course # 11059-_ _
Year  1st.
Most people have good ideas
often. But they forget them.
If you want to have a lot of good ideas,
you must write them down. Or, maybe,
record them on your phone.
I think writing in a book is better than typing
into a computer or speaking
into the audio recorder.
Opening a book, planning what you write,
and adding a diagram or picture helps you
A good habit is to always carry a notebook with you.
space for comments:

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Unit 7b: brian's speaking notes

daDeanni Code pics

Pictures below the fold.

Writing and Speaking homework #2: Exercise. Due week of Sept 25

Speaking classes
During the week of Sept 25, speaking class students will work in teams of 2~3 to teach other students some form of exercise. This teaching presentation will take ~ 1 min/ student.

During the week of Sept 18, students need to announce their team and topic. Be ready with 2+ topics as there can be no repeats.
Week of Sept 18 on white board, write your names and topic. First written, first choice.
Week of Sept 25: Teach or explain a form of exercise for 2~4 minutes. Wear clothes appropriate for mild exercise.

Examples of exercises that can be taught: Proper technique for push ups, sit ups, a Tae Kwon Do move for self defence, skipping, a yoga stretch or other yoga move, other stretches, how to throw a ball or frisbee, introduction to juggling, ...
Brian will offer an example during the week of Sept 11.

Based on the Sept 11-15 presentations, the next presentations have two more rules: 1) Presenters must make eye-contact with the audience. 2) They can have notes but must not simply read from them.

Writing classes
Based on homework #1, the next homework should 1) go through spell-check, and 2) students should think about when to use "a" and "the".
During the week of Sept 25, students will hand in  6~60 sentences describing an exercise they do now, or an exercise they did in the past or an exercise they should do in the future.
Brian will offer an example during the week of Sept 11 on this blog.
Note corrections made in homework #1 and improve on them in homework #2.

Brian Dean
Class 11059-_ _
Year: 1
Brian's exercise this month.

This month I learned Moonhak Pool has water polo training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. Last week I went to a practice. It was very tiring! I swam a lot and threw the ball. I am a great swimmer but not good at throwing things. My shoulders hurt after practice. I will go back next week!

Image found online here: http://stluciasportsonline.com/water-polo-in-st-lucia/

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Unit 7a: Speaking, Brian's notes


Speaking Writing Sept 11 Homework #1

Homework for Unit 7

What is special about your neighbourhood. What do you do there? You DO NOT have to tell us where you live!
Speaking class: Show one image and speak for one  minute. Bring image/ppt on USB or email and bring one page to hand in to Brian
Writing class: Show one image and write 5 to 50 sentences


Speaking Example:

  • Student Name (in Korean)브라이언
  • Student # 00000
  • Course # 11060-_ _
  • Year  00000
  • Grade ______
example homework 1 my neighbourhood.png
One minute's talk about Dog walking, Shopping, Exercise, Travel


Writing Example

  • Student Name (in Korean) 브라이언
  • Student # 000000
  • Course # 11059-_ _
  • Year: 000
  • Grade  ______

example homework 1 my neighbourhood.png
This is my neighbourhood.
I often walk my dog to the Seungki Creek and look at turtles and birds. For other exercise, I hike the local mountain or swim at the Bak Tae Hwan Pool. I like western food so I shop often at E-mart or Homeplus. Blue Club has the cheapest haircuts and I go there once a month. To drive to JBU, I take Expressway 110.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

2nd year speaking final homework

Homework: Due June 7

Speak for one minute on how to improve traffic and transportation around your neighbourhood.
You must use one or more images.
3 marks:
1: speak for one minute
1: look at audience
1: one or more images

Bike lanes: more, fewer?

Wheelchair ramps
pedestrian bridges and tunnels: more or fewer?

All-way crosswalks -found in Goyang City and near campus

other fixes for crosswalks

More/fewer buses, subways.
More/ fewer car lanes.

2nd year speaking Spring final exam

2nd Year Speaking Spring Final Exam
One conversation (9 points)
One speech (9 points)
Three questions from Brian (3 X 4 points) =30

Conversations (You choose a partner, Brian chooses subject, 4-6 lines from each partner):
Argue and disagree (p53) conversation
Make an appointment (p67)  conversation
Neighbourhood problem and solution (p75) conversation or speech
Bad news and solutions (p81) conversation

Speeches (You choose one of these):
typical or not?( Unit 4, esp p50-51)
Benriya: what chores can you do? Make a 'CF' or advertisement for your services. (p69)
jobs and job hunting - speech (p78-79)
Speech should be 50-70 seconds long, include one image (on smart phone). Look at Brian while giving speech. At end of speech, give Brian your script (스스로번역하세요).

Grading, scoring
Pronunciation - He shoul드 li크  it. Final consonant should not be emphasized.
Actually answers the question.
Full detail: I watched a movie (2/4). I watched Wonder Woman (4/4). I played a game (2/4) I played Maple Story (4/4).
Fluency or speed. Think about what to say, then say it. Long pauses will cause deductions.

Speech and conversation
Appropriate duration: 50-70 seconds or 4-6 lines each.
Script that was written by students.

typical or not?( Unit 4, esp p50-51) speech
Argue and disagree (p53) conversation
All, most, some, half .... (p54) Chart and analysis Look at the chart and tell Brian four things about it.
Your current fashion - today's clothes or typical clothes (p56 &61)
Could, should, had better: Weaker and stronger advice (p60) Brian has a cold. What should he do?

Ways to get to Joongbu U from Incheon, from Jongno in Seoul, from Ilsan (Unit 5)
Chores at home (p65) What do you do? What should you do?
Make an appointment (p67)  conversation
can you, would you mind: Ask Brian for help (p68)
Benriya: what chores would you like done? Can you do? (p69) speech
My neighbourhood (p70) how to get around, what to see. What good in your neighbourhood?
Neighbourhood problem and solution (p75) conversation or speech

jobs and job hunting - speech (p78-79)
Bad news and solutions (p81) conversation
The future (p82) Tell Brian four plans for this summer. Extra point for specificity - "Work at McDonalds" is better than "Work" The future (p84) After graduation. Tell Brian four plans for after you graduate.
definitely, probably, maybe: Future and probability (p88) Tell Brian four plans for this weekend. How likely are they?

2nd year speaking unit 6

Sunday, 28 May 2017

First year Unit 6b

1st year speaking: Final Exam!

1st year spring Final Speaking Exam

One conversation (9 points)
One speech (9 points)
Three questions from Brian. (3 X 4 points)

Or, for soloists:
Two speeches (2 X 9 points), 3 questions from Brian (3 X 4 points)
Grading, scoring
Pronunciation - He shoul드 li크  it. Final consonant should not be emphasized.
Actually answers the question.
Full detail: I watched a movie (2/4). I watched Wonder Woman (4/4). I played a game (2/4) I played Maple Story (4/4).
Fluency or speed. Think about what to say, then say it. Long pauses will cause deductions.

Speech and conversation
Appropriate duration: 50-70 seconds or 4-6 lines each.
Script that was written by students.


Conversations (Brian chooses one of these subjects, you choose partner):
Give and accept advice (p53), Agree and disagree (p67) or Varying levels of certainty (p81)
Conversations should be 4~ 6 lines each and different from the book.

Speeches (You choose one of these subjects):
A trip I went on (unit 4), My Hero (unit 5), My sleep habits or A childhood memory (Unit 6)
Speech should be 50-70 seconds long, include one image (on smart phone). Look at Brian while giving speech. At end of speech, give Brian your script (스스로번역하세요).

Unit 4
How's the weather? - look at photos and describe the weather
Give and accept advice p53 - conversation
But, or, so, p54 Tell me two things about a picture using two of "But", "or" or "so".
Vacation activities p55 What do you like to do on vacation
Pack for a trip to _____ p56 What will you pack?
Possessive pronouns p60 Describe a picture using pronouns and possessive pronouns.
A trip I went on - speech

Unit 5
A famous person from this list p65 Tell me 3 things about a famous person with one of these jobs.
Agree & disagree p67 - conversation
Past events p68 & 74 Tell me about a past event (4 things).
My hero p70 - speech

Unit 6
Tell me about your memory p79 How good is your memory? Why do you think so?
varying levels of certainty p81  Tell me 4 things about me that are not sure about.
Varying levels of certainty p81 - conversation 
I forget p82 Tell me a story about forgetting something.
A childhood memory p83 - speech, tell me three points
My sleep habits, dreams and nightmares - speech
sleep, fall asleep, go to bed, go to sleep, wake up, get up Tell me about your sleep
First, next, then, last:p89 Give me four instructions to make something.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Friday midterm exam results

11:10 class, First year
19 students = 5 As, 8 Bs, 6 C~Fs

29/30: 이예린, 이태경, 주재일, 박상준
28/30: 김재혁, 전소윤

Work Harder!
19/30: ..15757
20/30: ..00827
21/30: ..19478
23/30: ..19296
24/30: ..14791, ..15317, ..15472

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Thursday Midterm scores

15 students= 4As, 6 Bs, 5C~Fs
30/30: Hae-ju, 
28/30: Jun-kwon, 
27/30: Jinju, Jae-hyeon, 
26/30: Hyo-won, Jun-gyu, Sang-min

Work Harder!
17/30: ..00221
21/30: ..06469
23/30: ..16177
24:30: ..16581
25/30: everyone else

20 students - 6 As, 8 B, 6 C~Fs
29/30: Ju-ye, Min-ji,
28/30: Se-rim, Seo-eun, In-guk

27/30: Seung-hyeok
26/30: Seon-gyeong, Hee-gwon, Byeong-jun, Yu-na
Work Harder!

19/30: ..17664
21/30: ..20609, ..14856, ..17937

23/30: ..01160, ..14997, ..18008, ..

15 students =4 As, 6 Bs, 5C~Fs

27/30: Ju-ho

26/30: Seong-pil,
25/30: Gi-yong, Pyeong-an, Jong-hun
Work Harder!
9/30: ..17434

15/30: ..18266
18/30: ..17288,
19/30: ..17355,
20/30: ..12446

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Wednesday midterm scores

18 students= 5As, 7 or 8 Bs, 6C~Fs
29/30: So-hye, Ye-bin,
28/30: Seh-i, Hee-song,
25/30: Yoo-jeong, Seung-yeon
24/30: Yoon-yeong, A-hyeon

Work Harder!
10/30: ..22546
11/30: ..18054,..21055, ..10191
14/30: ..18826
15:30: ..10193
17/30: ..08930
20 students - 6 As, 8 B, 6 C~Fs
29/30: Won-jae, Heon-gi, Yeong-hye,
28/30: Dong-hyeon, (943) Da-bin, Chae-min,Jong-su,

Work Harder!

15/30: ..13973
16/30: ..14961,..19107,
19/30: ..08966, ..20031
20/30: ..06174, 15070

(?) 10 students =3 As, 4 Bs, 3C~Fs (?)

28/30: Da-sol, Gyu-beom,
27/30: Ye-rim,

Work Harder!
22/30: ..19147
23/30: ..19903, ..60287

Sunday, 14 May 2017

first year unit 5


Next presentation homework
Speak for one minute and tell the class about your hero or role model.

  • Speak for around one minute
  • Speak names slowly with pauses
  • Look at audience
  • Use at least one image
  • Subject cannot be a parent.
Ask Brian in class for due date (changes by class).

Audio Relay

___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___? (6)

___  ___  ___  ___.(4)  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___.(7)

___,  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___. (6)

Monday, 8 May 2017

2nd year Speaking 4a-b

For May 24

Show the class and tell us about your favorite clothes. 1 Minute talk
You can wear the clothes, show us images or just tell us about them.

Brian's Favorite coat


_____  _____  _____   _____   ____   ____   ____   _____.(8)

_____ ____  ____  _____  _____  ____  _____  _____  ___   ______  ____  ____  .(12)

______  ______  ______  ______  ______.(5)

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Monday high and low exam results!

Monday 9:10 3 'A's, 4 'B's, 3 'C'~'F's
Dong-ook, Jeong-hyeon: 30/30
Hye-rim: 29/30
Work harder!
..15434  21/30
..15202,..15501  23/30
Monday 1:10 4 'A's, 6 'B's and 5 'C'~'F's
Go So-hyeon 30/30
Shin-jae, Sang-won, Ji-hye, Ji-eun 28/30

Work harder!
..01574, ..12494,..14911,..18349 24/30
..13923, ..18448 23/30
..15197   20/30
Monday 3:10 4 'A's, 7 'B's and 5 'C'~'F's
Jang Seo-yoon, Jeong-min, Hyo-kyeong,  30/30
Bo-myeong, Jin-su, Ji-eun, Son Seo-yeong 29/30

Work Harder!

..17133 21/30
..18618 23/30
..18981, ..17949 25/30
..17377 26/30 


1st year speaking 4 b

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

2nd Year Writing unit 4a

1st Year Speaking Unit 4a

What is a good, lesser-known place to visit in Korea? Be ready to tell the class - speak for one minute.
You can show pictures if you prepare the computer ahead of class. You do NOT need pictures.

Brian's Example: "Busan's Seokbulsa is a beautiful temple few people know about."

"Take the subway to Mandeok Stn and use Exit 1. Walk along the highway and turn left before the tunnel. The hike will take an hour to get to the temple. You can hike back or go over the mountain to the more famous Peomosa Temple."

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

중 writing Midterm Exam

Your writing exam will have 

  • 10 multiple choice questions, (10 points)
  • 3 matching questions, (9 points)
  • 5 fill-in-the-blank questions, and (5 points)
  • 1 long answer question. (6 points)

Example Multiple Choice question:
____    5.   Simone ____ piano lessons on Saturdays.


Example Matching question
a. dating

b. have jobs in the same place

c. someone you know, but not well

____ 1. coworker
____ 2. going out
____ 3. acquaintance

Example fill-in-the-blanks question
DIRECTIONS: Complete each sentence with the simple past form of the verb in parentheses.
I (forget) ____________________ to pick up milk at the store.
Example essay question

Write 3-100 sentences (3 are fine).
Tell me about a time you missed class. Why did you miss class?

In class, we covered pages: 2,3,4,8,9,10,14,15,16,17,18

Possible essay subjects: An introduction, my schedule, food I like, What restaurant I should eat at, good or bad luck, my opinion on a mystery,

Monday, 10 April 2017

중 Speaking Midterm Exam

Tentative Midterm Exam 
Second Year Speaking
1 conversation, 1 listening exercise and 6 questions from Brian: 2 from each unit

1) Ask and answer two questions about the other student's past (p14).
2) Arrange to meet your classmate this weekend for lunch (p21). Refuse the first suggestion but accept the second suggestion.
3) Ask and answer two questions about diet and food.
4) Ask and answer three questions each about a lucky event (p33).

Listen to the conversation and answer 4 Multiple Choice questions and 4 fill-in-the-blank questions.

Unit 1:
1) Picture: What is their relationship? (example picture below - exam pic will be different!)
From: http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-37363350

2) Tell Brian three things about your typical (not exams) day.
3) Ask Brian two past tense questions.
4) Tell Brian three things about your past.

Unit 2:
1) Tell Brian about a favorite food. How does it taste?
2) Taste this food. How does it taste - use two or more taste words from the mnemonic we did in class?
3) Compare two pictures. Note 4 differences (p23).  (example picture below - exam pic will be different!)
From: http://www.chicagohouseholdservices.com/?lightbox=dataItem-ijljci2t

4) Tell Brian 5 things about your health.
5) Tell Brian about three things in Korea or your life that are the best or worst or otherwise superlative.

Unit 3:
1) What do Koreans do for luck? Do you have a lucky shirt or talisman?
2) If you won 10,000 won, what would you do? 100,000 won? 1,000,000 won? 10,000,000 won?
3) Tell Brian how you felt when you saw the magic trick. Use 'Doubt', 'bet', 'unlikely', maybe' or 'perhaps'. in your answer.
4) Does your blood type affect your behavior? Tell Brian why or why not. \Use 'figure out', 'solve', 'investigate', 'theory', 'make sense' or 'proof'' in your answer.
5) Do aliens exist? Tell Brian why you think so (p42).

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

중 Writing 3a~

초 unit 3a

Tentative plan for midterm exam:
Spring Speaking First Year
I will ask students one or two questions from each unit.
Students will also have one conversation and listen to one recording.

Unit 1
Ask Brian 5 introduction questions. Start with yourself.
What is your email address?
Ask Brian three types of questions (similar to page 8).
Brian asks you three types of questions (similar to page 8).
Part b
What do you look like?
What does Brian look like?
Describe someone in this picture.

Unit 2
Look at the picture. What is he/she... doing?

Look at the picture. This person is ___ing. Who is it? (p19)
Ask Brian a question about the picture.
Part b
Look at the picture. How does s/he feel?

What does this hand sign mean?
Greet Brian with a western handshake.
Use a pronoun: Look at the picture. How does the man feel about the woman?...

Unit 3
Name three foods in this picture. How many are there/ How much is there?

Tell me a recipe for something - use 4+ foods and use countable/uncountable terms
Part b
Tell me about a recent shopping trip. What did you look at/buy? Where did you go? Did you go alone?...
 Describe the picture (p43). What is in the picture - 'count' and 'noncount nouns and terms.
Unit 1: Introductions
Unit 2: What's wrong?
Unit 3: What do you need for the island. Tell your partner one or two things and explain why (p37)
Unit 3: Shopping conversation -shop for lunch (p44)

p25:  Listen to the conversation. How do they feel?
p35: Listen to the recipe or shopping list. What countable/uncountable mistake do they make?

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

중 speaking 2a

Bring samples of three foods.
Enough food for four people to try each sample.
Bring a variety of tastes.
Good Bad
Apple Pringles chips
Poker Chips Poker Chips
Hot Pepper Powder Shrimp Chips
Next class we will taste

and describe foods.